Regret Your Tattoo? Laser Tattoo Removal launches in Calgary, Canada

Are you from cow town? also known as Calgary, it’s a┬ábeautiful┬ácity nestled near the rocky mountains and booming with piles of cash from the oil that seeps from it’s grounds. Despite all the beauty and wealth, ugly regretable tattoos remain a problem around the city, you know that spiderman tattoo on your calf that at the time was the coolest thing in the world. 20 years later it’s probably a sight for sore eyes on yours and your neighbours eyes.

Well there is some good news, West Side Laser has launched it’s tattoo removal in Calgary website at On the site you can get full information on the quick and painless procedure that uses the latest in laser technology that in a matter of a few treatments could you with a new calf and a big smile on your face from the new found freedom you find from removing that ugly spiderman tattoo!

Memory Twice as Fast for the Galaxy S3

The latest information we have, the Galaxy S3 specs will have a quad-core processor clocked at 1.5GHz Exynos 4412 . But the increase in the number of cores in processors is not sufficient to improve the capabilities of our smartphones. The random access memory (RAM) must also be able to keep up.

The RAM is a key point in the architecture of smartphones (or computers). This is indeed the location where data is stored to be processed by the processor. In other words, the more memory is high, and the number of processed data is important.

The processor has access to a larger number of data close to him, allowing greater speed. But this memory is not expandable indefinitely, especially for cost reasons.

Samsung has well understood and has found a solution: failing to increase the size of the RAM, it is possible to increase the rate of data transmission to the processor. Thus was born the new range of memory LPDDR3. Unlike the previous generation, transmission rate is doubled, which is now possible, from 3.2 Gb / s to 6.4 Gb / s.

As its name suggests (LP Low Power), the RAM LPDDR3 offer reduced power consumption. No fear, therefore, on the side of the battery.

And the good news is that Samsung claims that this new generation of RAM is available in its mobile devices in the course of this year. In other words, the Galaxy S3 should be able to enjoy it, and we propose firepower …